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Dance, Die, Come to Life

©Capsula mundi

​© 1997 Studio Ghibli・ND

The film was made for Imaginary Performance exhibition(2021).

What if we could make performance without any restriction of budget, space, time or even life and death?

Spectators are welcomed to observe how dancers dance, die, and decompose ourselves to be life again.

Date: xx, July, 20xx 

Dancers: Amit Zaretsky, Michiru Shin 

Duration: Until both dancers die (approximately 2-3weeks). 
Duration of second act: Until both dancers are decomposed and be recycled as compost (approximately 1-2months). 

Entrance: Free 

* This is a site specific and long durational piece. You may come and leave at any time. Please provide your own accommodation or tent if you plan to watch more than a day.


Creator : Michiru Shin

Performers : Amit Zaretsky, Michiru Shin

Dramaturgy : Lilach Livne

Filmography : Gil Shani

Music : Cosmo Sheldrake "Cuckoo song" "Dawn"

The work was developed with the artistic support of Lilach Pnina Livne & was presented at Lilach Pnina Livne institution. 

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